The CE marking, a right and a duty

CE marking is a protection for all consumers and a duty of all those who place products on the market.

CetN provides manufacturer and importers with a comprehensive consulting service for all those who are required to make CE marking.

Contact us immediately if  your are a manufacturer or an importer , penalties are very severe for those who do not comply with the law.

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For over 20 years CE marking has become mandatory for many products and materials. At the beginning was applied only to constractions products and materials and then specific categories were added that have particular characteristics. Consumer safety.

Correct CE mark

On this site you will find all the categories currently subject to mandatory marking and for each of them are generally indicated the features provided by standards and directives to enable the CE mark application.

CE marking is first and foremost a protection for all of us consumers, protecting us from dangerous products that can not be marketed.

Security for consumers
Of course, he does not defend us from dishonest and malicious people and it is therefore our right/duty to get information about the CE marking meaning and its benefits.

Many manufacturers and / or importers are honest people and serious companies, they are as interested as their customers, in producing products that do not expose the users in danger and for that reason they will evaluate CE marking as a proper method for producing good quality and in security.

For others, those who do not care about the safety of what they buy or what they produce, the information on this website is not interesting and so we invite them to dedicate their time to other activities.

We will be committed to keeping the various categories on the site up-to-date so that simple citizens or manufacturers and / or product importers can find simple answers or immediate verification.

When it comes to specific intervention, you can directly contact our company that will provide you with the clarifications you will need according to the criteria contained in our vision and mission.

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The application of the CE mark is the last action of a correct production and ensures  that the product on which it is affixed has been constructed in compliance with all the rules in force in the field in which it will be used.

Trying to explain the CE marking in a few lines can create confusion and be useless, so we invite those who want to deepen their knowledge through visiting our website in the parts they may be interested in.

Enjoy your navigation!