To know each other

CetN is a consultancy company operating in the European territory, the meaning of the acronym  is Consultation and Negotiation (in Latin, Consultatio et Negotiatio, in compliance with Slovenian legislation) and clearly indicates that we also deal with business activities that we do exclusively via the internet.

Our advice is delivered only via Internet, because we believe that if today’s still a large traditional market exists, web space will be the future of all normal and commercial business transactions.

Obviously the design of a large huge building or the advice of acquiring a company will hardly  be possible without the face to face relationship, but the vast majority of common transactions are destined to network.

We have decided to use this method exclusively, to reduce costs, reduce the time, to improve the service.

The network allows us to contact real-time customers around the world without any time limits.

We respond to the phone and mail within a maximum of one hour and reduce the running time to the indispensable technical minima, meaning not to waste time on customers for useless expectations.

The normal time for full CE marking is to get it in place of the customer, it’s 2 weeks, but we can do it in less time if needed.

We believe that timeliness, reliability and availability are essential to good service and can be verified immediately, expertise, professionalism and honesty can only be assessed with the knowledge of what we provide.

CetN works using the work of various professional technicians experienced in various market segments and we have hundreds of active interventions.

You can contact us for general information, which we have also tried to include in the blog or request free quotes, while free online consultation  is not foreseen for reliability  and fairness with regards to our customers.

The mobile number is +386 40 269 896, the email address is