The instruction manual


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The correct name is Installation Manual, use and maintenance manual, and as you easily understand, it follows the whole life circle of the product.

It is an indispensable document and for decades in the United States a product sold without manual was considered incomplete, now also in Europe we follow the same path.

The manual should provide all the information to make sure that all those who interact with the product do not take unnecessary, predictable and avoidable risks.

The document develops on the basis of the risk analysis, which is the first activity to highlight the potential hazard of the product.

The manual must provide easy  instructions for the installation, use and maintenance of the product, and   safely explain how to taking advantage of its best features.

It can be presented in various shapes, from simple leaflets to an actual file, sometimes categorized by recipient: the installer, the final user and the maintainer.

It should be prepared according to certain rules and in the machinery directive there is the most complete scheme for the preparation of the manual, while other directives leave more room for the manufacturer initiative.

It must be written in the language of the Country in which the product is distributed and in one of the official languages of the European Community.

A final advice, always ask for the manual when you buy a product, check if it is understandable, its absence is the first sign of a poor quality product.