CE mark, need clarification?


CE marking is a protection for all consumers and a duty of all those who place products on the market.

CetN provides manufacturer and importers with a comprehensive consulting service for all those who are required to make CE marking.

Contact us immediately if  your are a manufacturer or an importer , penalties are very severe for those who do not comply with the law.

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We are constantly receiving clarification requests related to the application of the CE mark, and these questions often let understand that for many the CE mark it seems to be just a bureaucratic act and that the objectives of certain procedures are not clear.

Let’s repeat one more time  the key point from which all the directives and all the rules are issued when talking about the CE mark, this point is SAFETY.

When adopting and publishing directives and standards, the legislator starts from the need to ensure the ultimate end-user security as far as possible, compatible with the advances in technology and production possibilities, so many standards and directives are constantly updated.

With good sense, everyone is able to understand that security requirements determine the complexity of the procedures that needs to be followed in order to apply the CE Mark to a product and not its commercial cost or its popularity.

The more a product can create harm to the user, as in the case of machines, the more accurate it must be the risk analysis and the more complex the interventions to eliminate or reduce the dangers.

For these reasons and not for commercial speculation, the assistance or the activity internally applied to apply the CE Mark may have a very variable cost and range from a few hundred euros to several thousand.

It is said in a purely theoretical and rhetorical way, that security is priceless, but everyday facts shown that often this statement is not applied and it is for this reason that to guarantee a minimum security the CE mark can only be affixed after having followed a well-defined path, which is not a bureaucratic compilation of forms but the careful evaluation of features and circumstances.

Then try to see the process of the CE Mark  application  with the aim of obtaining safe products even before they are functional.

A safe product is a guarantee of peace for those who use it, but also for those who produce it and put it on the market, otherwise it is Time Bomb, it’s just a matter of time.