Declaration of Conformity

There is a document to certify that products placed on the market comply with certain directives and / or standards, which are signed by producers / importers. This document is the Declaration of Conformity.

Dichiarazione di conformità

The most extensive directive is 2001/95 / EC, which covers all products not otherwise regulated by other Directives, including safety.

A lot of products belong to categories whose safety must be regulated by Specific Directives and Standards. All other products must still meet the safety requirements set out in 2001/95 / EC.

Products that must meet the safety requirements of specific Directives such as machines, electrical appliances, medical devices, and personal protective equipment must be accompanied by the CE Mark as well as, of course, the Declaration of Conformity.

The Declaration of Conformity is drawn up at the end of the Risk Analysis Process. For the Declaration to be True and Real, it is necessary that:

You know the relevant rules for the treated product.
The product is really as indicated in the design and the realization of all the safety features and the requirements stated in the standards.
If you are not in the field, such the customer, may trust that those who, for example, manufacture a Chandelier, know perfectly the safety rules to manufacture the Chandelier. Well, despite this being a perfectly legitimate thought  and rational condition, often it doesn’t find correspondence in the reality.

The Experience is also a good guide in many other areas, both in design and construction. In reality, however, a minority of companies use the rules that relate to the manufacrturer of their products.

This means that most of the CE marked products with the Regular Declaration of Conformity comply with the regulatory guidelines, but this is not verified by those who subscribe to the declaration.

So what are the customers risks? In fact, very few, compared to potential ones. Manufacturers are not incapable or unmanageable, but surely superficial and naif  when signing documents that have nothing compliant.

Be aware from the Pre filled Forms : They are often SCAMS, and only experienced people have sufficient experience and knowledge in the Field to recognize them.

To make the Declaration of Conformity you have to know the CE marking and pre filled Forms are not the ones you need.