The CE marking of the individual protective devices D.P.I.

CE marking is a protection for all consumers and a duty of all those who place products on the market.

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Personal protective equipment is a product of various types: garments, tools, covers, usually to be worn and intended to protect those who work from the residual hazards that are always present in any activity.

The dangers are many and the risk levels are as numerous, though for simplicity they have been divided into three categories as well as DPIs.

The first category covers the protection of small dangers, such as protection of hands from minor impacts or escorts, bites or cuts.

The second category protects against dangers with more serious consequences, high impact, high temperatures, falls or projections of objects of immaterial importance.

The third category includes those that are defined as life-savers, ie they protect them from falling from above, or from dangers during diving, poisonous gases, and so on.

For the first category, the manufacturer operates in complete autonomy and guarantees the safety of its products without any constraints.

For the second and third category, the intervention of a notified body certifying the conformity of a type product and the system with which it is produced is required.

In all cases, the manufacturer must provide the technical file for each type of product and must prepare the declaration of conformity which must accompany each article entered for free circulation.

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