The CE marking of steel and aluminum metal structures


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Steel and aluminum metallic structures are to be CE-marked, because they are construction products falling within Regulation 305/2008 / EC and have a specific harmonized standard, UNI EN 1090, which defines the performance the manufacturer must necessarily declare.

A prerequisite that the manufacturer must have is a certified production system, and to date it is obtained with the certification according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

In the production process there is also welding, the manufacturer must also have the certification of the welding system.

Another way to enforce the law is to follow what is required by the Technical Standards on Construction, which through the Steel Transformation Centers, essentially require the same obligations.

For each product, a technical dossier must be prepared, in which all the documents demonstrate that    the manufacturer is working properly and that the product is safe  and  it is designed and implemented in compliance with the standards.

Someone talks about certification 1090, but this certification does NOT exist, the UNI EN 1090 standard mentions ISO 9001 as a production control system, but as rightly Italian business owners do not want to hear about it anymore after being taken around for years. Now shame or commercial calculation, prevents to speak about ISO  for 1090 and to avoid the problem a non-existent certification has been invented.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the CE marking for metal structures is an obligation and that it is necessary to know both the Rules and the norm to comply with it.

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