CE Marking of Building Materials and Products

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The materials and products used in the construction of buildings and civil engineering works falls under  the Construction Products Regulations and must comply with the NTC (Technical Standards for Construction) norms.

Some of these construction products can be marked by the manufacturer himself without any special certificates.

Many, however, having to comply with NTC specific laws, can be CE marked if and only if they have a Certificate issued by a Notified Body or through other special procedures.

Metal structures need to be produced and marked only by Steel Transformation Centers because of the  need to be tested with initial type tests (ITT).

Certifications that the Notified Body issues however does not constitute CE Marking but is an integrative part of it.

On our blog you can find procedures for marking CE products and building materials and you can rely on our professional advice.

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The CE mark is not a joke! It is a duty and responsibility of the manufacturer / importer. It is imperative to know how to proceed with the proper procedures.

There are two ways:  You can self learn and study how to apply for it or choose to ask for help. Decide how you want to invest your time, you want to try to understand how to apply or you are willing to get the right advise and help from a trusted Company and safe time and avoid mistakes?The choose  is yours.

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