A manual for each product

In the United States, since many years now, a product must always be accompanied by the User Manual, which first explains how to avoid creating dangerous situations and then how to use the product best.

A product sold in the European Community must be accompanied by the User Manual, the Declaration of Conformity, the label containing the main identification data and when required by the CE mark.

The lack of one of these documents makes the Product incomplete and therefore subject to potential customer complaints or a control by the Control Authorities.

The language in which the manual should be written must be the one of the Country where  the product  is placed on the market, therefore many of the products we have in our hands are simply “illegal”.

The main content of the manual must be the Safety, ie it must illustrate how the product should be used without creating risks for users and other people involved.

In the past, manufacturers have  focused on explanations for the best use of the product, ignoring and putting in the background the security aspect, entrusted to the experience of operators.

Product Safety Directives in general are 2001/95 / EC, which includes all those that are not contained in a specific directive and the difference between them, does not provide for the CE marking.

2001/95 / EC, which is largely unknown, must always be respected, with no exception, so if we look around we find a huge amount of “irregular” products because they do not meet one or more of the requirements of the Directive.

As has happened in many other cases, sooner or later we will see that consumer rights and their security are completely neglected and therefore we will have to repair them in the meantime we only have to hope for good luck, but we can inform you.