The Declaration of Conformity

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Declaration of conformity

The CE marking and the Declaration of Conformity that are part of it are a responsibility of the Manufacturer or the Importer, even when a notified body, such as TUV, is used.

A  Laboratory or a Notify  Body can not issue the CE mark, but can certify that a product complies with the relevant standards and issue a relevant certificate, but the CE marking also includes the Production Control which can only be done by the Manufacturer.

Thinking that the product type tests and compliance of the production is the same thing is a common mistake.

Declaration of Conformity, how is it written? The the guidelines are the following and the document it has to contain:

– the data of the Manufacturer and his legal representative;

– a general description of the product;

– the directives and standards that the product respects;

– production data such as:  lot, serial number, last two digits of the year of production, voltage (where relevant), power (where relevant)

– Date and signature of the legal representative;

Be aware, the Declaration of Conformity has always to be issued, it is necessary, but is not sufficient, does not replace and should not be confused with the CE Marking.